Python Projects

I have completed several Python projects over the years. I have placed a few here for viewing and exploring.

List of Over 60 Python Projects

I embarked on a journey to do as many Python projects as I could. I was already familiar with Python, but I wanted a sure way to hone some of my skills. This is an ongoing list and is updated as new projects are added and progress is made.

This was my journey over a few months of making about 60 Python projects. Some types of these projects included:

  • Sample Flask blog with authentication
  • Django Polls application with database integration
  • Python applications incorporating Pandas and other data science libraries
  • Automation applications incorporating Beautiful Soup, Selenium, APIs, and other fun tools
  • Graphical User Interface applications to do a number of tasks including password generator, simple games, and Pomodoro Timer
  • Console applications

You can even view my day-by-day log.

Audio Games Recordings Repository

I served as the lead on a hobby project I started with a friend called the Audio Games Recordings Repository.

This project came about after there was some demand for a website to archive recordings of people playing audio-only games by members in the community. I took the lead and wrote up a small plan, deployed starting files, and transferred gigabytes of files to S3.

The project website is a number of simple HTML files generated by a Python script I wrote. The script uses file listings from an S3 bucket we're using. And it supports nearly 1000 visitors per month, which is quite a turn out for the community.

Fun MIPS Simulator

Just a project I did at university to simulate MIPS instructions.

Sample Audio Game

This was a nice collaboration project where me and a few developers in the Audio Gaming community wrote some utilities to help in faster development of audio games in Python. Things such as menus, timers, keyboard input, sound playback, and map creation were added.