Job History

This is a chronological listing of jobs I had over the years.

Full Stack Software Engineer. Pearson (June 2014 - January 2019)

  • Worked as a full stack engineer on the Equation Editor team using JavaScript and libraries such as JQuery, MathJax, HTML, CSS, and WAI ARIA.
  • Added more than 100 XML speech rules and developed speech parsing engine to utilize rules in application, which was essential to accessibility.
  • I was called "instrumental" to accessibility development as I lead the effort in planning and developing first features of screen reader and Braille output solution, primarily compatible with a popular screen reader known as NVDA.
  • Deployed and manually tested the Equation Editor by spinning up Linux servers and automating the build process using Vagrant, Maven, and Docker.
  • Developed complext feedback form that scaled for collecting input from thousands of users by connecting PHP web app to MySQL database.
  • Used Redis for caching data from Equation Editor.
  • Successfully worked remotely full time in Agile context and served as a developer as one of two main developers.
  • Developed microservices using Express framework and related libraries in MVC pattern to handle various parts of our online assessment platform, on which the Equation Editor would sit.
  • Developed logging for Equation Editor using Express and logging middleware, as well as creation of custom middleware.
  • Served as main developer to transition the Equation Editor to new technologies on the Node stack using React and Typescript.
  • The technologies used in the full stack development effort include JavaScript, XML, WAI-ARIA, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, Node, Express, and NPM.

Software Accessibility Engineer. Visa Inc (February 2019 - December 2020)

  • Collaborated with a colleague to develop an internal tool from scratch to help detect accessibility patterns found in 5 different team projects. The tool was developed in vanilla JavaScript and maintained internally.
  • Created, validated, and fixed user stories and tickets on Rally and Jira to track issues for over 40 components and templating modules.
  • Worked on the front end to develop custom components in React and Typescript libraries.
  • Successfully contributed to building a pipeline consisting of Docker and Kubernetes technologies in Jenkins and AWS.
  • Coached and collaborated with developers, researchers, product owners, test teams and designers through the process of making over 40 components, and a number of template components, WCAG compliant and consumable by a banking application
  • Wrote unit tests in Jest and Enzyme for React components.
  • Performed complex Mongo queries to staging environments to simulate real users of banking application.
  • Developed applications running Express and Node.js and maintained microservices to serve REST API endpoints for the application data.
  • Worked with tools such as Create-React-App, Webpack, Babel to optimize builds of React components.
  • Projects and their technologies revolved around Javascript, Express, React, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Nodejs, Redux, Typescript, and related NPM libraries such as Webpack and Babel.

Accessibility Engineer. TPGi (December 2020 - Present)